The Trinity Foundation

In conclusion I want to mention an organization that was both informative and a great comfort to me in the midst of this eye-opening experience, The Trinity Foundation, and its founder, Dr. John Robbins.

He would be described by many who are familiar with his ministry in the professing church as unnecessarily divisive and far too “hung up” on non-essentials; a trouble maker I would describe him as a hero; one who understood that a little leaven really does spoil the whole lump! His lectures were invaluable during my research, as he understood the dismal state of the visible church and how it is that she got here; she digested the error in small doses…one little “non-essential” at a time.

There are lectures from many other trusted men of God on the website and I would highly recommend all lectures and articles posted at

In the passage of time the church has become more and more comfortable with the idea that everyone’s opinion has merit and none should be dismissed or even rebuked in most cases.  The rank unbeliever and rebel against God is quite welcome in the fellowship, just keep the Bereans out…they’re trouble!

Dr. Robbins’ unwavering commitment to the scriptures, and the clear teaching they purvey, is a blessing at a time when standing firm is considered unkind, unnecessarily divisive and just flat out intolerable. The sad truth is that Jesus and every one of His apostles would be run out of most all churches today- their narrow, threatening message was only tolerated by the few in their day, and it is only tolerated by the few today.

Since the passing of Dr. Robbins in 2008, men have arisen to carry on the work of the Trinity Foundation- I am thankful to them as well.

The link below is an excellent lecture by Dr. Robbins (43.08 min) on the apostate visible church. This lecture can be found on the website under MP3 lectures- The Church Part 2. 


The below link is an interview with Tom Joudaitis, president of The Trinity Foundation. This interview accurately explains the true work of TTF and its founder, Dr. John Robbins, as well as the importance of being faithful stewards of the Holy Scriptures.

SRR #62 | Interview: Tom Juodaitis of The Trinity Foundation


The acceptance and adulation of men like Tim Keller in so-called sound, orthodox churches is the most glaring testimony of proof that John Robbins was right- absolutely right. And he, along with the faithful men who worked alongside him and continue the work today, are a blessing to God’s people.



“Satan is an astute theologian.”     John Calvin