If you have thoroughly read, watched and listened to the information provided on this site you will affirm the below summary of Dr. Tim Keller’s theology. It is important to remember that all material presented here came from his books, videos, audio, written transcripts and sermons or conference speeches of which links are provided for confirmation. It is all in his own words.

-A simple gospel presentation is a “magic bullet” that doesn’t work anymore because the demon is in too deep.

-Only a non-offensive, attractive gospel presentation of intellectual credibility by a gifted communicator who knows his audience and has mastered effective contextualization skills for cultural sensitivity purposes will “work” with cutting edge 21st century people.

-The message must be approving of your audience and most assuredly line up with their personal aspirations with no condemnation- except for greed, of course…be sure to hammer them on that one!

-Dr. Keller has redefined everything from salvation to The Great Commission and refers to his many redefinitions as “a better definition” than that which is found in scripture. His redefinition of sin eliminates God’s law, teaching instead that sin is not breaking God’s law but breaking his heart, thereby destroying the “net interwovenness of humanity”….?

–Christianity is the best basis for real tolerance of non-Christian beliefs, which leads to a much needed pluralistic society whereby all faiths work together for the common good. This is best exercised as individual interests are replaced with the collective common good via redistribution of wealth ~ as Karl Marx liked to say: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

Keller’s ministry has been shaped by the writings and theologies of Roman Catholic philosopher Charles Margrave Taylor, Episcopalian sociologist and Marxist Robert Neelly Bellah and Anglican Bishop of the ecumenical Church of South India  J.E. Lesslie Newbigin. The social Marxism and interfaith ecumenism of all three men laid the foundation of Keller’s theology.

-Keller admits that he has to take some responsibility for the church’s “oppression of gays” and advises pastors never to publicly teach or preach the biblical truth about homosexuality.

-Churches that emphasize saving souls over social justice are backwards and therefore guilty of “tribalism” because they are only interested in increasing the number of Christians to gain power and money. He tells us that mature Christians really get this and they understand that the church really exists for non-Christians and poor people.

Bible believing people are self-righteous moralists who think they can earn their way to heaven. Keller expounds on this narrative by portraying the pursuit of holiness and a believer’s desire to walk in obedience as pharisaical legalism, informing us that these folks just “don’t get the gospel.”

-Jesus and Karl Marx had the same view of religion.

-The purpose of God’s redemptive plan of salvation is cultural renewal through social justice, whereby everyone’s material possessions are equalized via income redistribution, making the world a better, more just place.

– Dr. Keller always preaches with a non-Christian audience in mind, not merely avoiding offense, but also exploring the text to find its good news for unbelievers, as well as believers.

-Before planting his mega church in New York City, Keller took to the streets to learn New Yorkers’ ways, asking the question “what kind of church would a New Yorker want to attend?” 20 years later his church is famous for social justice, calling people to love and bless New York City- as a result, Keller’s church really appeals to non-Christians.

-Redeemer’s philosophy is unique in evangelicalism, as it gives people permission to mix freely with those of other faiths and morals and to tolerate ambiguity– he calls it their “gospel DNA”.

AMBIGUITY (definition) uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language

-The “arts” must be taken very, very, seriously in the church because artists are a sub-culture with their own way of thinking about everything” so their influence is much needed in the church. Redeemer promotes and financially supports artists of all mediums and faiths.

-Christians must be sure never to turn there own “culture” into an absolute.

-Redeemer’s City Seminary admits that the life experiences of the diverse people of New York are their resource for learning. They call it urban missions, boasting that “the city is their classroom!”

-There are currently 46 clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and behavioral therapists serving as counselors at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, many of whom are not Christians. Redeemer’s counseling philosophy from the website emphasizes respect for non-Christian beliefs and assures that they are equipped to counsel people of any faith, including atheists. Counseling at Redeemer starts at $175.00 per session (50 minutes).

– Dr. Keller speaks regularly on “cultural tension”, informing us that individualism (Capitalism) is the root cause of society’s problems and collectivism (Marxism) is the solution. He tells us that collectivism improves self esteem and admits that he rejected his traditional Christian upbringing, sympathizing instead with the philosophies of the Frankfurt school of Marxism.

-Keller tells us that as Jesus died on the cross it was the oppressed that he identified with, not their oppressors. He is clear that Christ died “especially for the materially poor.”

-Keller informs us that the Genesis account of creation is just poetry and Darwin’s theory of evolution actually explains origins. He reminds us that science should be trusted on this and works alongside the BioLogos Foundation in an effort to replace the biblical creation account with Darwinian evolution in the church. He holds the same position with regard to the biblical account of the global flood, which he tells us science has proved “there was no such thing.”

-He teaches that the Bible should be viewed more as a story with a few principles sprinkled throughout rather than a book of doctrine.

-Redeemer’s missional teaching led one group of professing Christians to abandon the biblical teaching on hell and God’s wrath in favor of universal salvation for all- they credit Keller’s books and teachings as the strongest influence in their decision and identify themselves as Keller’s “biggest fans.”

-Keller is adored in secular circles, spending countless hours (by invitation) in discussions with various atheists and secular humanists. He heavily promotes their ideas and books- stating that he has set out to “popularize scholarship” because “that is what every good pastor does.”

-Keller teaches that “God has no desire to be worshipped and therefore only created man for the purpose of pouring out His unconditional love on the world”. He adds that “this means God actually unselfishly created.” Keller confirms that this “god of love” philosophy “animates his understanding of the universe.”

-He warns that our faith can collapse overnight if we fail to listen patiently to our doubts and cautions us never to denounce unbelief. He further warns us never to tell people what to believe.

In the end, I believe it simply comes down to one question; Did the Lord send this man with this message? Certainly not. So how can these men get such a stronghold in the church?

Why Heretics Win Battles

There are several reasons that heretics win battles.

Scripture tells us that they are more clever and cunning than believers: For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light (Luke 16:8). They have a way of thinking that makes them more politically astute, more street smart, more imaginative in their machinations, and more willing to act in sinful ways in order to achieve their goals. 

Heretics introduce false ideas stealthily: But this occurred because of false brethren secretly brought in (who came in by stealth to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage (Galatians 2:4), and For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation (Jude 4). They appear to be sheep, but are not; and the ideas they teach, at least at first, appear to be true, but are not. By their smooth words, they deceive many into thinking that they are Christian brothers and the ideas they advance are Biblical.

Most important, those who believe the truth tend to be slow to recognize error and Even slower to take the necessary action to defend the truth. They lack both discernment and courage. This is the crucial matter. Christians cannot help the fact that the sons of this world are more shrewd than they are, or that false brethren do things subtly, surreptitiously, and coercively. But Christians can help their own understanding and response to such doctrinal and ecclesiastical subversion. Their lack of discernment stems from a lack of knowledge of Scripture, and their lack of courage comes from a lack of belief in the promises of scripture. The modus operandi of the false teacher is to use old terms with new meanings, thus easily deceiving the naïve and undiscerning.

Paul opposed Peter directly to his face. Opposing error and those who tolerate it is something many Christians are loathe to do. They would rather whine, can’t we all just get along? Those who allow an un-Biblical view of friendship to cloud their judgments have forgotten Paul’s question: Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth? (Galatians 4:16).  Heretics win Battles, but Christ will win the war.

Dr. John W. Robbins May 2005

I came across the below presentation (59.59 min) and it is excellent. JD Hall explains the dangerous error in the church, much of which I have presented to you on this site. And as any faithful shepherd would do, he calls out the guilty.


Be warned- and warn others.

“It is a remarkable fact that all the heresies which have arisen in the Christian Church have had a decided tendency to ‘dishonor God and to flatter man.”   Charles H. Spurgeon